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Welcome to "Horror Movies" a community designed for horror movie fanatics. Whether you want to get some info on movies you thought might be worth watching, or need some help remembering the title of your favorite old horror movie chances are you can find it here. This community also contains some great links to horror movie sites, horror resources and welcomes you to post a link to your own horror related site or community. This is intended to be a fun and informative community for any true fan of the spine chilling and macabre. However while all posts and comments are welcome, any negative or derogatory behavior towards the community and any of it's members will not be tolerated. So have fun sharing and learning about a lot of great horror movies and welcome to the community.

Please note that if you're posting a large image (larger than 400 pixels in either dimension), it would be appreciated if it was put behind an lj-cut out of respect for your fellow community members.

For recommendations on good horror movies, a starting point is this community's choices for Best Horror Movies of All Time.

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