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May 2017

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skull bone flute

liquidpig in horror_movies

Genealogy of the Living Dead: UPDATED!

So, I'm sure you guys have all seen this image...

Well, I massively updated it, using the original as a starting point. I added 12 movies and removed 1 (being Shaun of the Dead.. wtf?), replaced the bland Land of the Dead and Day of the Dead 2: Contagium artwork, replaced the font with something more appropriate for zombie flicks, and generally made it a bit more streamlined.

I wish I could've added more Zombie movies, but I could only find artwork for three of them (incidentally, the alternate Zombi 3 is Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Zombie 3 is Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, and Zombie 6: Monster Hunter is Athropophagus aka Absurd). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombi_series was helpful in finding out if Zombie 4 and Zombie 5 were official sequels or not.

Enjoy! And let me know if you spot something that's incorrect... I'm sure it'll have to be updated again in the future, what with Night of the Living Dead: Origins, ANOTHER Day of the Dead remake, and Dawn of the Dead 3D in the works. And those are only the ones off the top of my head!


Oh, nice! I like your version, better. Very comprehensive. Thanks for sharing!
Thanks nikki! Just goes to illustrate how fucking badass Night of the Living Dead is. :-D
It definitely does :D
This is awesome. I never saw the original until now, but yours is much more accurate. I sometimes really think I'm one of the only people who actually likes Land of the Dead. I despise Diary of the Dead so much. Seriously, it's one of the worst movies I have ever seen. But Romero is still the man.
Hellz yeah he's still the man. Sort've. Well, not really. He's more "the man" in a historical context now. Land through Survival was made by GAR 2.0 in my opinion, heheh... and GAR 2.0 just isn't the same as regular ol' GAR.

If you like Land, check out the fanedit of the movie (it's legal to download if you own the original, if you're worried about that kind of thing). Also very much worth checking out is the Dawn of the Dead "Extended Mall Hours Cut," which combines every version of Dawn to create the longest possible runtime. Personally I'll never watch another version of Dawn of the Dead again!
I didn't include any fanedits on the chart cuz, well, they're not even available for purchase and not officially sanctioned by movie companies.
hell yeah
i love you
I accept your love with innocence and bunny flowered rainbows.
What about the Re-animator series?
Well, the Re-Animator series is in no way connected to any of these movies, other than the fact they're zombie movies. But feel free to make your own chart depicting they're genealogy!